We carry a variety of fruits and vegetables, both organic and conventional. We always have things like kale (usually in a couple of varieties), beets, carrots, peppers, lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cilantro, parsley, tomatoes, brussels sprouts, leeks, celery, mushrooms (several varieties, some organic, too!), herbs (like thyme, rosemary, basil and mint), onions, and potatoes. We carry several varieties of apples (some local and organic - the best!), oranges, limes, lemons, seasonal fruits and berries, avocadoes, and grapes.

We stock your everyday needs: pastas, tomato sauce, spices, beans, rice, canned tuna, coffees, teas, hot sauces, jams & jellies, peanut butter, oils, condiments, sugar, salt, etc. We also carry cereals, cookies, breads, juices, milk, yogurt, cheese, canned soups, snacks, granola bars, chips, and pastries. We are always open to carrying new products, so tell us what your family likes and we'll do our best to get it!

We carry milk, juices, teas, kombucha, Boylan's and Virgil's sodas, ginger ales, aloe drinks, and soon, a limited selection of artisanal beer and wine.

We get our local, organic produce from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative, an amazing group of farms just about 150 miles from Brooklyn. We source our amazing local products directly from their makers, like Gustavo's SalsaTwo Moon Bakery, and Filfil FoodsRegional Access also helps us find great NY products like cheeses, flour, and milk.

Our red meat comes exclusively from Arcadian Pastures, a wonderful family-owned pasture in upstate New York. We also carry Murray's chickens.

If you are a New York or Brooklyn-based food maker, we want to hear from you! Drop us a line by visiting our Contact page.

We've got a great juice bar and some tasty juice recipes to get you through your day! Stop in to create your own, or buy one of our fresh to-go juices, bottled fresh every morning.

Every day, we make vegetarian pizza from scratch with high quality ingredients. Even the dough!

We always have at least one soup of the day, a couple of salads, and of course, our awesome sandwiches.

We also do breakfast sandwiches on Tom Cat croissants!

Check out our Instagram feed for more pictures of our delicious food: instagram.com/bedstuyfreshandlocal