Supper Club, January 22nd!

Hi friends,

To celebrate our two year anniversary, Dylan, Jules and I will be cooking up a storm in the kitchen at Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local. Drawing from our own backgrounds and favorite cuisines, we'll be putting together a four course global vegetarian feast. 

Here's the menu:


Desi-spiced cucumber and tomato salad, Carribbean deviled eggs, and bulgogi portabella tacos.

First Course
Savory vegetable karahi stew with fragrant rice.

Second Course
Roasted apple and garlic jerk tofu steaks.

Sweet polenta cake with mixed berry compote and ice cream.

At $30 a person, how can you resist????

See our Eventbrite page for tickets.


Open Letter to our Customers

Dear neighbors and community members,

Peace and blessings to you and yours during this holiday season. I wanted to write a letter to you to bring you up to speed on what's happening at the shop these days and inform you on what is coming in the future.

Let me start by saying I am very proud of the store myself and our staff have built over the last two years. I am lucky to have found myself surrounded by such a great crew of young people to help me figure out how to make all this work. Everyone has brought their own strengths to the table, and I wouldn't be able to do any of this without them.

As a first time business owner, this is by far the most challenging endeavor I have ever taken on. It's seriously been insane. but it's been wonderful and great and a fantastic learning experience. It's very satisfying to meet and engage with our community, hear people share dialogue about the world and what's going on, and share positive energy with those who enter our doors.

But, I know we can do better.

First, we are not always consistent. This manifests itself for you in many ways, but the bottom line is that it's neither good for us nor good for you. We want to be your dependable neighborhood corner market, but if we aren't better than the bodega down the block or the Associated around the corner, why should you bother coming here at all?  We are currently putting systems and policies in place to ensure that we always have inventory that is in high demand, that our inventory is high quality, and that our prices are fair. 

Second, we have decided to go 100% organic on our produce. I was always trying to juggle both conventional and organic items thinking we would please a larger range of customers, but the industrial complex that supplies conventional foods is really reprehensible (many of the organic distributors need to be scrutinized as well, by the way) and we just don't want to support it any more. Along with this change, we will be assessing each product we sell to make sure they fall within our guidelines and are ethically produced.

One last thing. Remember that great staff I was talking about earlier? They are becoming owners with us as we transition into a worker-owned cooperative. This is really exciting news and we will have a formal announcement about it soon, but I wanted to bring it up to let you know. It is part of our refinement of Bed-Stuy Fresh and Local to really be for, about, and owned by the community.  

As always, we appreciate your support. Your advice, input, and patronage have meant the world to us, so please keep it coming.



Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween everyone!

We've chosen this auspicious day to launch our blog. Check back here for our thoughts on food, happenings at the store, amazing recipes, and other relevant topics.

Tonight, I want to share a recent lifestyle change Dylan and I have both made - we're now vegetarians again. I say again because both of us - at different times in our lives, even before we knew each other - were vegetarians for many years. To be honest, I don't really remember why I started eating meat again.

But of late, we both have scaled back the amount of meat we eat - particularly red meat. And then we watched a movie on Netflix called Cowspiracy. It has its critics, but it was certainly an eye-opener. It contends that animal agriculture (raising and killing animals for food) is responsible for the most destruction to our planet. It takes up more water (hydrating the animals is one thing, but watering the crops we raise to feed them is an enormous additional use); pollutes our fresh water and oceans (killing fish and other important elements of the ecosystem) with waste runoff; creates tremendous amounts of greenhouse gases; is the biggest cause of rainforest deforestation; the list goes on and on. 

On top of all this, new research has confirmed that the consumption of processed meat and red meat are linked to cancer.

I don't mean to preach, but once I learned all of the above, I couldn't ethically justify eating meat. Of course, we still sell it at the store! Organic meats from Arcadian Pastures in upstate New York are pasture-raised on a family farm. But, with this change, Dylan and I have grown more sensitive to the lack of vegetarian and vegan options available in our neighborhood. So, keep an eye out for an even wider selection of meat-alternatives and veggie-friendly choices!

Have a thought you'd like to share? Leave it in a comment below!

Happy Halloween!